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A little about us.

Welcome to our 'house'

After years of dreaming & planning, the search commenced. The objective; to find the perfect location.

Little did we know we'd find it so soon! 


We crossed Greyfriars Bridge and entered a hub of activity in Coleham and then we knew this was the place to be.

On 8th May 2017 we opened the doors to House Coffee Co. Our aim was create a home away from home for our customers, making sure we treated everyone like family, welcoming them into our little coffee shop.


Little did we know how much family we'd end up having!


We became busier & busier, more customers, more staff, more hours & days. But nearly three years after opening we had the amazing chance to take over the adjacent shop and expand. After some hard work from friends & family & a few hammers, paintbrushes & splinters. On the 3rd of January 2020 we reopened phase two of House Coffee Co.


Our Food Menu is run; 

8:30am until 15:00pm Tue-Sat

Tuesday - Saturday 8:30am - 16:00pm

*Opening & Closing times can change.

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